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Hui Ilio Hawaii

Hui 'Ilio Hawai'i (the Hawaii Dog Group) was founded to promote safe and friendly places for dogs and their people to play, and to promote responsible dog ownership. Our initial reason for organizing was to build the Hawaii Kai Dog Park.  After the dog park was opened in 2008, we continued to support it until 2016, as "adopt-a-park" partners.  We recruited and trained volunteer park rangers, and sponsored maintenance, weeding, and landscaping projects. Our ongoing goals are to help other dog groups get approval for parks in their respective districts, enhance the opportunities for dogs to get proper exercise and socialization, and to promote responsible dog ownership.

A few of Hui 'Ilio's dogs hanging out with their people...


Aloha Friends of Hui Ilio Hawaii:  As announced last year, we terminated our "Adopt-a-Park" agreement with the City as of December 31, 2015.  However, our organization is still alive and well, promoting public dog parks and doing our best to assist other community groups who are trying to establish dog parks in their respective communities.  VIsit our "Dog-friendly Parks" page to read about groups that are currently active and in need of your support.


Although we are no longer the "park partner" at Hawaii Kai Dog Park  we are keeping this page on our website to provide general information about the park.   You'll also find the the City's dog park rules and regulations, dog park tips and etiquette, and other useful information.

We invite you to sign up for our mailing and/or email list to receive future newsletters and announcements.  Send your name, contact info and your dogs' names to info@hui-ilio.org.



For the latest news on the Hawai'i Kai Dog Park, use the links at left to read the News as well as our latest Newsletters.  To find out more about us, to learn why "bark parks" are good for dogs as well as for communities, or to read past news articles, use the links at left.

To join us or to get more info, send an email to:
Include your name and the names of your dogs!

...and showing off their fashionable Hui 'Ilio exclusive collars!


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